Q. If I choose a three or four day option for my child, on which days will they attend?

A. Students who are enrolled for a three day option will attend Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Those

who choose the four day option will attend Monday-Thursday. Parents may choose to increase their

child’s schedule to include more days at any time during the year.

Q. What are the arrival and departure procedures?

A. The doors will open at 8:25 A.M. and will be locked at 8:40 A.M. for the KRP. Please ring the doorbell

at the front entrance after the main door is locked. Pick-up begins at 11:45 A.M. for the KRP. Please

enter from Grove Street when dropping off and picking up. Pull as close to the curb as possible to let

other traffic get around you. Please pull up past the main doors when picking up or dropping off. We

should be able to get three cars to load and unload. You also have the option to park and walk your child

to the door. Display your child’s name card in the passenger side window when picking up.

Q. What should I do if my child will be picked up by someone other than the usual driver?

A. If someone other than the usual drivers is picking up your child, please send in a written note with

the name of the person, car description and their telephone number. Call us if there is a last minute

change. Please inform them about procedures for dropping off and picking up

Q. What should I do if my child will be absent?

A. Please call the KRP if your child will not be attending or will be late. This information is helpful in

assigning daily helpers. Leave a message on our voicemail if we are unable to get to the telephone.

Q. How should my child dress for coming to school?

A. Please dress your child comfortably. Keep in mind those emergency trips to the bathroom with pants

that pull up and down easily. No slip-on sandals or shoes with high heels. Please label all outerwear. An

extra change of clothes is recommended if you think your child may have a bathroom accident. Put

them in a shoebox and label with your child’s name. In the event of an accident you may be called.

Q. Is my child allowed to bring personal toys to school?

A. Guns, swords and toys that could hurt other children will not be allowed at the Readiness Program.

Please keep these toys at home. We ask that children not bring personal belongings and toys to the

Readiness Program without prior permission.

Q. Is snack provided daily?

A. We provide snack and drink daily. Snacks range from cookies and crackers to fruit and items we make

ourselves at school. Please inform us of any allergies.

Q. Am I allowed to bring in a special treat for my child’s birthday?

A. Please let us know in writing if you will be sending in a special treat and/or drink, napkins or cups.

Suggestions: brownies, donut holes (no powdered sugar), ice cream cups, cookies, pizza, pudding or jello

cups, veggies, fruit, or anything nutritious. Please do not send cake, cupcakes or juice boxes.

Q. Will the children visit the library?

A. Visits to the Trinity Lutheran Church Library will be at the discretion of the teacher. During visits, the

children will be able to check out a book to borrow for a week.

Q. Will there be any parent/teacher conferences?

A. Keeping an open line of communication between parents and teachers is necessary. Formal

conferences will be scheduled in October and February to discuss the progress of your child.

Appointments will be given out at that time. However, if at any time you have concerns about your

child, you are encouraged to talk to the teacher. Please contact the teacher at KRP, or at home to

discuss any concerns you have over the telephone, or to make arrangements for an appointment. Our

staff is always nearby to lend support, answer a question, or discuss the needs of your child.

Q. Does the Kindergarten Readiness Program have an illness policy?

A. Parents need to call the KRP when their child is absent due to illness. Viruses responsible for colds or

the flu cause the most common sicknesses in schools. Please keep your child at home when he or she

shows any signs of the following symptoms: Cough or sore throat Fever or headaches Skin rash

Inflamed, swollen, pink, or draining eyes Abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, Head lice,

scabies, or ring worm A child may return to school 24 hours after a fever has resolved without the use of

fever reducing medications, the child is able to participate in normal activities, and staff can care for the

child without compromising their ability to care for other children in the group.

Q. What is the snow delay/cancellation policy?

A. When Abington Heights school district is closed, we will be closed. If Abington Heights is on a delay,

we will start on time. Please use your discretion. We will schedule makeup classes Easter week if we

have more than three snow days.

Q. Am I able to volunteer in my child’s classroom?

A. The KRP will need parent volunteers at various times throughout the school year. Sign-up sheets will

be available for all classroom parties and events, as well as guest readers. If it is possible, please leave

siblings at home during your volunteer opportunities. If you have a special talent, hobby, or occupation

that you would like to share with the children, please let us know.