Overview KRP

Our Curriculum Goals:
 Social Skills
 Transitioning from home to school
 Engaging in purposeful activities
 Maintaining control at work and play
 Respecting the space and belongings of others
 Accepting responsibility for maintaining the classroom environment
 Responding to verbal redirection from adults and peers
 Using compromises and discussion to resolve conflict
 Demonstrating an interest and participating in classroom activities
 Expressing feelings appropriately
 Demonstrating self-help skills
 Knowing and following routines
 Managing transitions
 Seeking new experiences within the classroom environment
 Initiating positive interactions with peers
 Pre-Reading/Emergent Reading:
 Recognizing and naming most letters of the alphabet
 Matching a letter with the beginning sound of a word
 Recognizing rhyming words
 Writing his or her own first name
 Recognizing his or her name in print
 Recognizing words and signs he or she sees often
 Beginning to draw pictures to express ideas and tell stories
 Recognizing color names
 Holding and looking at books correctly
 Telling a story from the picture on the cover or page
 Retelling a simple story
 Making simple predictions and comments about a story being read
 Showing growing interest in reading and being read to
 Emergent Math
 Counting out loud from one to ten in correct order
 Identifying written numbers from one to ten
 Putting written numerals in order from one to ten
 Counting at least five objects
 Seeing a numeral and understanding the meaning as number of objects
 Adding and subtracting familiar objects
 Recognizing and naming five shapes
 Using familiar objects to show more and less
 Drawing rudimentary shapes and symbols
 Matching items that are the same
 Identifying and discussing differences
 Identifying things that go together
 Repeating patterns
 Putting items or pictures in order
 Social and Social Studies
 Recognizing the difference between living and non living things
 Identifying basic needs of living things
 Exploring motion, energy and sound
 Identifying objects
 Making predictions
 Researching and discussion natural elements within our local area
 Global awareness
 Map skills
 Identifying continents and oceans and their locations on a map
 Creating and following classroom rules
 Fine Arts
 Self expression in art/dance/music
 Songs, finger plays, rhyming
 Exploring famous works of art and discussing observations
 Music appreciation
 Fine Motor Skills
 Handling small manipulatives with ease
 Using small muscles for self-help skills
 Using writing and drawing tools with increasing control
 Using correct pencil/crayon/marker grip
 Using scissors appropriately for age
 Using sensory materials for building strength in small muscles
 Large Motor Skills
 Defining his or her own personal space
 Avoiding and not causing collisions
 Understanding boundaries and negotiating obstacles
 Exhibiting stamina and endurance
 Running, jumping, hopping, throwing, catching and bouncing a ball.