Service & Outreach

Each of us have been blessed in abundance, and we don’t need to look very far to find those who are less fortunate. We show our gratitude for our blessings by helping others.

All of our programs are aligned to established and trusted organizations. We reach the people who need help.

How to get involved!

Each of our programs has a program lead who can talk with you about the level of involvement that would be comfortable for you. To be put in touch with the program lead that interests you contact the Trinity Lutheran Church office.

What is it?

Trinity Lutheran Church provides for the needs of our community and our world through our Service and Outreach Ministry Team. This team supports 20 separate programs that help others. We also look for opportunities to add new programs, most recently by becoming a host for a community blood drive.

Want to participate?

Trinity has many activities. See the catalog of  OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH AND SERVICE for information on how you can be involved. And this doesn’t even include the new ideas you have been thinking about. For more information, contact the church office or a ministry team member. Even better, fill in a response form and drop it in the collection plate.

Service & Outreach Ministry Team

The Service & Outreach Ministry Team sponsors over 19 separate programs that make a difference in our community and world. Ministry Team lead is George Duhigg.