Membership Registration: Completed May 15, 2020


Since becoming a congregation of the North American Lutheran Church, we have begun recording all official parish activities (baptisms, weddings, funerals, communion records, etc.) in a new parish record book. This volume will also contain the official membership of the congregation effective January 1, 2020. The membership of Trinity as a congregation of the NALC was officially established on Friday, May 15, 2020.

Only those persons who returned to the church a completed Membership Registration Form by Friday, May 15 are officially listed as members of Trinity Lutheran Church (N.A.L.C.).

Following May 15, 2020 persons received into membership of the congregation will be considered new members and will be received into membership by official action of the church council.  Persons affiliating with Trinity after May 15 will be considered joining the congregation “by profession of faith.”

Individuals and families who affiliate with Trinity after May 15, 2020 will need to provide basic and essential information by completing the  “New Members – Individual and Family Information Form.”  The form is available in either PDF or WORD format by following the appropriate link below.

New Member Information forms in PDF format (to be printed out and mailed to the church).

New Member Information forms in WORD format (to be filled in on a computer and emailed to the church).


The final and complete list of persons who completed a Membership Registration is available in the MEMBERS ONLY section of this website.