Youth Group

Trinity Lutheran Youth Fellowship

The Junior and Senior High LYF focuses on fun and fellowship while engaging in meaningful service and discovering skills for living from a Christian perspective.


Our youth is divided into two groups. We have a Senior High group that consists of grades 9 through 12 and a Junior High group that consists of grades 5 through 8. All students are encouraged to be a part of LYF and are always welcome to bring a friend to share in our events.


Visitors to our church with youth in these grades are encouraged to visit us during one of our youth meetings or events. We have an awesome group of kids that contribute to our community, enjoy outings, fellowship, and Christian growth on a weekly basis. We encourage others to join us in our growth.


We are currently anticipating fall and all the changes it embraces. We will be serving others in our community, enjoying fellowship at events such as miniature golf, participating in holiday events, hosting a community Halloween party for local children. All of these events and more will be helping us grow in faith and discipleship. Come. Join us and grow!


Trinity Lutheran Church youth program is directed by Heather Klien. She can be reached at She will be happy to answer any questions and will provide a survey sheet upon request.


Anyone who is interested in participating in any of our future events may also contact Heather the above email address.


Trinity Youth Program Standards

View the Trinity Youth Program Standards document (PDF format)

Take a look at the Trinity Youth Fellowship Calendar for the coming month (available soon in PDF format)

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