Congregational Council

The administrative board of Trinity Lutheran Church is known as the “congregation council.”  The congregation council consists of no more than twelve members of the congregation who are elected to terms of three years.  The pastor also serves as an ex official member of the congregation council  with both voice and vote.  Elected members of the congregation council may serve a maximum of two successive terms.  Elections normally occur in May of each year.  Due to lower membership levels the council currently has ten members.

Currently the congregation council consists of:

Terry Bockelkamp (2019)

Dolores Smith (May 2017)

Robert Klien (May 2017)2019-12-09 Congregation Council Minutes (ver-02)

Katherine (“Kitchie”) Strauch (May 2017)

Hayden Evans (May 2019)

Nelson Stauffer (May 2017)

Lori Jordan (2019)

Todd Rehder (2019)

Christopher Mathews (2019)

Cheryl Graboski (2019)


2019-12-09 Congregation Council Minutes

* denotes second term

Five persons serve as the officers of the congregation to which they are elected on an annual basis by the congregation council at its first meeting following the spring meeting of the congregation.  The president and vice-president are elected from within the membership of the congregation council; the secretary, treasurer and the financial secretary are elected by the congregation council from within the active, confirmed membership of the congregation at its first meeting following the spring meeting of the congregation.

Currently the officers of the congregation are:

Nelson Stauffer  –  President

Dee Smith –  Vice-President

Katherine (“Kitchie”) Strauch  –  Secretary

Chris Mathews  –  Treasurer

Heather Klien –  Recording  Secretary