Sunday School

Welcome to the Trinity Lutheran Church Sunday school information page. We invite you to join us as we engage in study every Sunday morning throughout the school year. Our classes begin at 9:15 AM and conclude at 10:15 AM for ages three thru eighth grade.

This very comprehensive educational program enables us to teach our young followers to grow in faith and become Disciples of Christ.

We fall into our annual Sunday School Open House every autumn. It is during this event that we invite our parents, congregation, and community to join us in the celebration of our Sunday school. We share songs, skits, art, and our studies with all those attending.

Every year our Sunday school students have been encouraged to support various community groups with donations.  These efforts have included collecting hats and gloves for the members of Friendship House, collecting clothing and food for the United Neighborhood Centers, support of the Ronald McDonald House of Scranton, as well as supporting  the Angel Tree project for United Cerebral Palsy.




Trinity offers many programs for its young followers.

Come and share in the joy as we learn about, grow in faith, and follow Jesus as his young disciples at Trinity.




AdultSundaySchoolSunday Morning Adult Forum

The Adult Forum gathers in the conference room in the parish center for refreshments between 9:15 and 9:30 AM on Sunday mornings (September – May).  The class sessions follow at 9:30 AM and conclude at 10:15 AM.

Leadership of the forum rotates depending on the interests of the group.  If you are interested in some robust conversation about the bible, our faith, our denomination, and our church, then the Adult Forum is the place for you.  This is a very friendly and supportive small group setting, and very informal; so we invite you to relax and try it out.



Confirmation Ministry

ConfirmationGraphicConfirmation is a pastoral and educational ministry of the church which helps the baptized child through word and sacrament to identify more deeply with the Christian community and participate more fully in its mission.


A brief overview of Confirmation Ministry at Trinity

Participation in the program for each child will span a period of 18 to 24 months beginning about grade 7.  Depending upon the ages and the number students involved in the program, class sessions of formal instruction will be offered periodically between October and May. The curriculum is divided into 8 units of study.

Each of these eight units will be taught by the pastor. Each unit will require approximately a month and a half to two months to complete. Each unit will provide for a personal session with the pastor.  Additionally, each confirmand will complete a special study project associated with each of the eight units.

Throughout the course of study, members of the class will be encouraged to participate in ministries of the congregation of his or her choice. 

Please contact the church office for additional details if you have a child who has reached the age for Confirmation Ministry.


First Holy Communion Instruction

CommunionGraphicThe pastor annually offers a special program of instruction which prepares young persons to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion for the first time. The program is intended for persons who have reached the 2nd grade (about age 7) through the seventh grade  who have no yet received communion instruction and thus are not participating in the sacrament by receiving the elements of bread and wine.

Participation in the reception of the sacrament is a joint decision between the pastor, the parents, and the child. Two implications of this guideline are that youth who will receive instruction to receive the sacrament prior to confirmation (about grade 8) should be regular in their pattern of attendance at worship and are beginning or have been expressing interest in receiving the sacrament.

The program is offered in response to the requests of parents.  Three or four class sessions will normally be offered depending upon the ages of  the participants.  Classes will follow the 10:30 AM Sunday worship service and will end promptly at 12:30 PM. The participants in the program will receive the sacrament for the first time following his or her completion of the study program. 

If you have a child between the first and the seventh grades who appropriately should be included in a First Communion class, please contact the church office to express you interest.


Trinity Youth Program Standards