Women of Trinity

Welcome to Women of Trinity.  Our regular meeting day is monthly on the first Thursday. We gather at 12 noon with our own sandwich to first have a time of fellowship.  This is followed by a study lesson prepared from a Bible text. Currently we are looking at the Book of Acts.

Women of Trinity also sponsors a Prayer Shawl Ministry.  Some choose to bring their knitting or crocheting to the meeting to share their design or finished shawl.

Prayers Shawls are given to:PrayerShawl


  • A New Birth – help this baby to be healthy and strong
  • Marriage – join the couple together in Oneness
  • Sorrow – find peace during a time of sorrow
  • Illness or Stress – help to live with Your wisdom and Your peace

The Prayer Shawl is presented to the recipient by the Pastor or by anyone in the church who presents a need.  It is accompanied by a prayer and blessing attached to the shawl.

The knitter begins the Prayer Shawl with prayer.  If the recipient of the shawl is known, a prayer can be said specifically for the recipient’s needs or concerns.  If the recipient of the Prayer Shawl is not known, a simple petition is made on behalf of the unknown recipient to provide comfort, fill a need, and bless the person.

Anyone can participate in the Prayer Shawl Ministry using their own skill level and pattern.  Please contact Esther Semken (telephone: 570-679-7063 / Email: mesemken@nep.net) for additional information on Women of Trinity or the Prayer Shawl Ministry.


Trinity’s Quilting Ministry:             index

The Women of Trinity hosts a quilting group that meets weekly on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 in the parish hall.  Quilts are handmade and shared with Lutheran World Relief Mission Quilt Project and with local organizations that present a need.  The group cuts squares, sews them in place and then knots them.  Women and men of all ages, as well as our youth are enjoying the quilting process and its fellowship as they join in this project.